Our services

1. Real estate valuation and movable property

Real estate valuation:

  • Apartments, residential houses, land, commercial, warehouses, agro-industrial constructions, production areas, gas stations, multiannual plantations, greenhouse

Evaluate movable:

  • Agricultural machinery, trucks, automobiles, special equipment, office equipment, furniture, cargo lot

Purpose of the evaluation:

  • Acquisition of credit / leasing, sale-purchase, donation, inheritance, share of wealth, increase of social capital, bankruptcy, dissolution, merger, insurance.

2. Elaboration of a business plan


  • Business plan

  • Project concept

  • Feasibility study

The purpose of the business plan:

  • Getting credit / leasing, obtaining grants and state subsidies, starting and developing business, bankruptcy or restructuring of the company, presenting the situation to the company’s associates, attracting investors.

3. Development expenditure estimate

We reflect the cost estimate:

  • For the determination of the expenses related to the construction, reconstruction or immovable property repair

The purpose of finalizing the cost estimate:

  • Obtaining credit / leasing, obtaining grants and state subsidies


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